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Fast ,fast ,fast forward…..7 months…the end of July when this blog started…

So, here we are a family of four; a mom, dad, nearly five year old son and a nearly 21 month old son. Life is good. Adoption was the perfect way to grow our family..I can come full circle and say that this was in His plan all along. I really had no say in where we would go, how our family would grow and if it would grow. Is our family fully grown…my hope is yes…situations present themselves and those bridges will be crossed when they are made available.

My boys in one word are BROTHERS…growing like weeds together weighting in at 75 pounds together…they eat like teenagers some days other days they eat like birds… on a diet…but they are my boys…I share them so deeply with only two others, first their dad..second their birthmoms. I do often think about the women who gave these children life, it would not be my way if I did not. They are the reason that I am so happy. I am the reason that they have sad days. Together we make great moms. One giving life the other sustaining that life. We work together whether we know it or not whether we like it or not.

It is my goal to continue from here on out…posting the OTHER THOUGHTS from here on out…the family is built….

SO here goes our life …… a family….ever so slightly edited…


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  1. Beautiful post Debi! I will look forward to checking out your posts from here on out! I love your blog and am glad you decided to start one up. Hugs

  2. Ya…time does fly!!! Congrats on the great story and thanks for posting the BLOG!!!


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