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The final days of Russian living , learning the ways of a new child and giving him all our love.


Thursday December 22, 2005 (my dad’s birthday)

This morning we are told to be awake and ready to go by 9 AM, so we are. No one arrives until 11 AM. I slept a little more and Richard paced and read. At 11 we left to go to get Griffin’s Birth certificate that states we are his parents and that he was born in Izhevsk. That is to help protect his identity and ours. Then we head to the passport office and then to lunch at a small but very good café. So after that we left and returned to the hotel for a short time. Richard will go back to the passport office with Natalie to pick up and sign for Griffin’s passport and I will wait here for GRIFFIN!!! He will be here at three o’clock. He is arriving from Glazov. After that we are off to the airport and on our way to Moscow finally our new son!! We will be flying to Moscow via that wonderful Russian airline but with friends….we will be with the people from New Jersey, Janet, her mom and I believe her sister is Abby. It will be much more fun to travel with someone. I hope that Griffin is good on the plane and that the other people understand if he is not. I will be sad to leave Izhevsk and our friend Natalia. We told her she is always welcome to stay at our home and to please, please come to the US and visit as soon as she can save the money. She is more then welcome to stay with us. I truly hope that she does. For now…

As promised, our dear Griffin arrived at 3 PM. I had just given him an apple sauce and bread when we were told to get ready we are leaving now. Richard was in the lobby with Natalia and we need to leave now to get to the airport on time. I packed our things as best and quickly as I could, redressed Griffin and we ran to the elevator. Svetlana hit the last button and I said no it is the next one up and she hit that one and we began riding…..all of a sudden a HUGE bang and we were stopped. It was so loud my ears rang for about an hour afterwards. What about poor Griffin????? He was as calm as ever. He of course is exhausted too. Then the lights go out and now we are really stuck. Lots of Russian being shouted back and forth and they say they will get us out. Mean while it is about 110 degrees and getting hotter. I take off my coat and half of Griffins snowsuit and we are both drenched….the curse for us always HOT!!. SO we are both sweating and still more Russian and now Griffin is whimpering and wanting to sleep (by the way he doesn’t fall deep asleep until after 9PM which is almost 3 hours past his year long routine!) Finally after about 20 minutes that seemed like 4 hours….we climbed out the door that was finally halfway to the 1st floor. We had dropped all the way to the very bottom of the elevator shaft. They pumped up the elevator car by hand. Off to the car and on to the airport. Running at a good clip the whole time we hit the plane running too. I was never so thankful to see another American in my life. When we saw Janet, Abby and her mom I could have cried. They helped up get through the small security while they checked everything I had as carry on; computer turn it on, video camera turn it on, digital camera turn it on. What is in the pouches of that computer case and how about that backpack…for Pete sake, what did they think that I was going to do make a risque Russian plane video and take some photos of the plane that is about 75 years old? How about then blow it all up with my computer while my new baby boy and the love of my life sit with me….I mean really this process pushes and pushes till you are at the edge … We board the plane and all is good.

What an angel Griffin was on the plane. A word to the wise never let your Russian child see the cart with the food as they think it is time to eat and get very angry when they get nothing!! He cried for about 3 whole minutes and that was it!! He hid him from the food cart for the remainder of the ride to Moscow as it goes by about 4 times. We had front seats and our friends had back seats. We were able to chat a little more at the airport then we went our separate ways. They hope to be back in a month and I think it will happen. I hope all goes well for Janet and her little one Annabel. Once we met up with Dasha we were off first to Alexander’s apartment to drop papers and then to our apartment. It is a nice place a little smoky smelling but not bad. 2 bedrooms and a nice kitchen and bath. We feed Griffin as he is way off his schedule and put him to bed. What a trooper he has been and continues to be. He and Richard go in to the smaller bedroom with the smaller bed and he falls right asleep. Richard is now on a mad dash to the market and I am trying in vain to get on to the internet. We will be up early tomorrow for the Doctor and the on the run again. One more day we can do it then off to the good ‘ole USA.

Friday, December 23, 2005

This will be my last entry till we get home. Our son slept through the night what a wonderful part about being a toddler rather then a new born!!! We were up at 7 AM after 5 hours of sleep and ready for the Doctor who arrived at about 7:10. He checked out Griffin gave him a good bill of health to travel and left. YEAH only a few more steps and we are done. We have a 2:30 appointment at the US Embassy we will walk as it is about 7 blocks away. Griffin is eating and drinking very well. I think between my two boys I need to start saving money now for growing food bills!! As I write Griffin is watching his first TV which he doesn’t watch but just takes in a talking picture (he had never seen TV)….what a great mom I am right…..Richard is cooking lunch so Griffin is occupied for the next 10 minutes and we can both accomplish something. Time is so limited here you take it when you can get it sooooooo. OK after Embassy we are in for the evening. We had grandiose plans for getting some souvenirs for people but sorry folks the souvenir you get is the sight of this beautiful boy….

To all of you who are way to numerous to name, as I am sure to forget someone, our thanks from the deepest depths of our hearts…without your support we would not have come so far…I am trying like the devil to get this blog up and running now that we are home with pictures and words so that everyone can see what a wonderful gift we have been given not one but two times…God is good.

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