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What an absolutely beautiful day for an outside summer party. I could not have asked for a nicer day. It was a delightful 78 degrees with a lovely breeze.

We had 18 kids here for Spencer’s party. 10 girls and 8 boys…hmmm?… Oh well, his guest list. Everyone was here by 1:15 and we were off… We started with a bug hunt. We had 400 plastic bugs ‘hidden’ in the front yard. Let’s just say that 18 kids can find 400 plastic bugs in under 15 minutes….It was a blast to watch them all go running…grabbing bugs and “ewwwing” all over the yard. They each had a bag full of bugs…sorry moms and dads but it was fun. Then on to dividing up for the games stations…we had three groups of kids and three fantastic friends to help out. (Thanks to Mrs. T, Mrs. S and Mrs. D for their help through out the entire day. We were also lucky to have two moms stay and help out kinda unexpectedly Mrs. A and Mrs. K thanks to you both too). There were four games; cocoon wrap a TP wrap and break free and fly game, bee hive buzz like bozo buckets only with a hive and a bee painted ping pong balls, Nature Scavenger hunt where a list was read to them and they had to find the things in nature and making edible dirt gummy worms, frog and bugs and all. As the groups rotated, I was able to get a few pictures…unfortunately my camera dropped and was not working. Mrs. A lent me the remainder of her pictures. After the games where each kid won a boat load of prizes including fly paper (fruit by the foot re-wrapped), bug bites, micro popcorn, apples, sugarless bubble gum, ring pops, MCD’s gift certs, bugs erasers, bug rings, bug catcher to make at home, etc..they came back to the garage to sing happy birthday. We had a great cake from Lovin Oven (of course) and again were more then pleased. We ate cake and Ice Cream on a birthday picnic table covers in the grass…..then the gifts….after all was done we played with all our outside toys. The kids loved the structured time and the free play equally. We had not one fight or tear all 3.5 hours. Each child went home with a goodie bag fit for a king or queen as the case may be. I must say that this was one for the books not too awful stressful for mom and a great time for the birthday boy. I will try to get pics here asap…damn camera

I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I was given the opportunity to be Spencer’s mom. Something given so openly and generously from woman to another. I have nothing love for her and her family and her love for our son.

Next up for Spencer KINDERGARTEN!!!

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  1. It sounds like it was a blast. I’m sorry we had to miss it.


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