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Why I suck……..

Again with the mom of the year award…

Today was Spencer’s special day, the day he came to our home and family for all eternity. To ‘celebrate’ family we always went to Great America. This year, however, we decided to fore go GA and would wing it. Great plan mind you…one of the reasons is because with Griffin now home we just can’t see celebrating Griffins special day 4 days before Christmas every year. Super mom to the rescue…we will celebrate family on the day it all began (or close to it) October 11, our anniversary. So from 2007 on out that is the plan.

But for today…Spencer decided on the Milwaukee Zoo…great place. It was feast with the beasts weekend which meant that there were vendors in the park selling food from various eateries in the greater Milwaukee are. Yea no zoo food!!.. We enter the park and get right to business over to the goats petting area and onto a camel ride. We get over to the sky ride and do that and then the ponies…whew all the rides are done…now to the animals. We grab a lunch and head off…all day snapping gobs of pictures…we end the day 5 hours later with a train ride around the zoo and head to the car. I get Griffin in and Ready and Richard gets Spencer in and we are off…

about 20 minutes down the highway Griffin is asleep and looks adorable…I say grab the camera and get a picture…camera…camera…ohhhh camera??? No where to be found. CRAP. We pull off the road and strip the car nothing…we call the zoo and they have nothing….so drive back thinking that it might just might be in the parking lot, nothing…the camera and all the photos of the day are gone. I am beside my self. I hope that the person who found it and does not return it looks at the pictures on it and remembers that those children were hoping to have those photos in their scrapbooks someday and that they ruined our family day by not turning in a camera that they FOUND.

Homeward bound and sad…we take Spencer to his cousins for a sleepover. They are excited and I seem to be the only one who is upset about the pictures…soooo we take Griffin for dinner and a quick gift stop at Toys R Us and we are home. I am still angry and sad Griffin is asleep and Richard well, he is reading.

The day was wonderful a beautiful day to be a the Zoo…too bad that I had to loose the damn camera.

Tomorrow can only get better right…good night

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  1. So sad, about your camera. We are heading to Milwaukee Zoo (Feast With the Beasts) today with a bunch of friends… I’ll keep my eye out for unattended cameras with Spencer & Griffin’s photos on it. I hope it turns up.

  2. Any word? Did you leave info with the Zoo if anyone turns it in? Lordy, I hope it gets found and turned in.:(

  3. Jen and Deb…nope never did get a call about it and I did leave the info for them to call me…I highly doubt that it is coming back…with school starting soon I needed a camera and my loving Richard put out the dineros and bought me a new one a Pentax Digital SLR…spoiled? for being such an idiot and loosing it to begin with…gotta love that man..thanks for reading and leaving me messages I love it.

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