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Meet and Greet for Kindergarten

Spencer had his meet and greet with his teacher Mrs. Goettsch (pronounced like Dutch replace D with the G and you got it) the on Thursday. It was a wonderful time for mom and dad and mostly Spencer. You could not wipe the smile from his face.

We arrived a few minutes early and like any good teacher she was running behind about 10 minutes. We wandered the halls and then took some pictures and then it was our turn. We were the last appointment so we also ran over time.

Spencer was in awe of the classroom. He wondered around and looked at everything. Of course he talked to Mrs. Goettsch like he knew her all his life. Then it was time for the classroom tour…she told him and us everything he would be doing at each part of the room. Spencer listened and ask appropriate questions. He was really excited about the kitchen area. Then he played a while and we talked. We gave her a run down of who Spencer is and what we thought she should know about him and then it was his turn for his personal interview. We were asked to leave the room and they talked and then she did a little testing with him and then it was over. I took a few pictures in the room and one of him and her.

We had ice cream later and discussed the things that happened… he is growing so quickly I am so proud of the person he is becoming…before you know it he will be in high school…..well..he is already asking if he is old enough for a cell phone!!!

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