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Kindergarten days…


Ahhh…the end of summer…

….. remember the day you went to kindergarten…well at least you can look back at the pictures and try to recollect a memory anyway…

So, we take family pictures and pictures of the boys together and some of the Kindergartner in the spot where we take them every year before school. Spencer is giddy literally all smiles.

Riding the bus…how we all could not wait till we got to ride the bus…things have not changed…Spencer has been looking forward to riding the bus all summer…school finally arrives and the day to take the bus, 4 blocks to school comes. We get the stop early so we can get in all the obligatory pictures…and once that is done we wait and wait and wait…and then we wait some more…we finally get in the neighbors van and drive Spencer and his best buddy to school….they are sad but excited to go to school. The ride home….well lets say they are to arrive at 3:53 and they actually arrived at 4:35…’nuff said.

So, I meet him at the bus and as he is getting off he says…”mom, mom, good news I did not have to go to the principals office today, I was good!” So after laughing for a good time I said well good for you buddy…I guess I put a little emphasis on being good and the results if you dont.!! We walk home and he spends a little time outside and decides that for his celebration dinner he wants to go to Bob Chinn’s. So off we go and we had a great time.

Watching him grow up has been so rewarding…it is just the next step… school…It was so hard to let him go and be on his own..it took so long for him to come to us and a glimse of a smidgen of a thought that he could be gone rips at my core being. It is a battle that I fight daily now…I have faith in God and I know that he is watching over my sons.

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3 Responses

  1. Debi, beautiful post about such an important day in the life of your family. Thank you for sharing!

    (That really stinks that the morning bus didn’t show up!)

  2. Love, love the green backpack that matches the green stripes in a shirt. Ya’ gotta love a kid that coordinates.:)


  3. and what you can’t see is that the back of the back pack is yellow matching the yellow stripe….hehehe

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