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Block Parties…. Cradle Photo shoot

I have to say that the neighborhood that we live in now, I equal to the neighborhood I grew up in. We are a closet knit group of 20 moms and dads and 19 children aged from newborn to 15. It is a great place to grow up. Last night was our annual block party…we had our neighbor, who has a band, perform, a roaring fire, corn hole, smores, lots of good food and lots of laughter and fun. I am glad that we found this place 4.5 years ago, we are blessed with neighbors we can call friends, helping each other, picking things up at the grocery borrowing that endless cup of sugar. It is a great place.

I love to watch the children running around and enjoying each other…it seems that there is less crying and whining on this night. The kids seem to just make it work. There were two 1st grade boys who decided when the pizza arrived that they would take an entire 16 inch pizza for themselves..they went off no one saw and then we started looking for the pepperoni pizza and could not find it…eventually we found the boys with the pizza half gone behind one of the houses…too funny.

Night falls and the flash lights and lanterns come out and the kids run around screaming and having the time of their lives…this event really for me is about the fun that the kids have. I enjoy the adult time too but like the kids play the most. Spencer is able to play by himself out of our sight every waking moment. This little freedom this night was so much fun for him…..I kept my eye on him but for the most part he was having a blast. At the end of the night he says to me..’mom I had two brownies tonight’ biggest smile on his face.

Griffin took this time to develop his dare devil skills…ya know for a 22 months old that should be very little. Not Griffin. He decided that the Clark’s driveway was the perfect pitch for racing down. He would start in their garage get a good roll going on the fire truck and then fly down the drive. He would end up in the middle of the cul-de-sac laughing…..it is such a joy to see him blossoming into a brave and healthy little boy.

Two of the best things of my life…I could not be luckier or happier

My boys were asked by the Cradle to participate in the Photo shoot at their Evanston facility. The pictures will be featured in newsletters and financial statements. There were a lot of families there but it ran like clock work. Our friend Sue P. was there to visit with us. I had let her know we would be coming and asked if she had time to stop by. It was great to see her..it had been too long.

The boys did great with the shoot. I hope that the photos came out good and they are used. They were mostly close ups and Spencer had his arm around Griffin. Griff is going through those stranger danger things right now..but is slowly over coming them. He did well yesterday with me across the way from him and not right next to him.


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  1. Sounds like a great Block Party. Glad you all had fun!

    Can’t wait to see those newsletter photos!

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