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Pumpkin carving a time honored tradition….at least for this family..

Well, tonight we carved the pumpkin and it is always a debate about the type of face…Spencer usually gets the choice and again this year …scary wins… but the eyes and nose how do you make them ‘look’ scary?? All of mom and dads suggestions were shot out the window…so again with Spencer’s choice “slit eyes and big eyebrows and well the nose we finally got our pick..no pun intended!!! I will try to get a picture of our now, Jack-O-Lantern over the next few days…but I must say that he is great.

Spencer and Griffin both got to do a little carving with the help of their dad and both did a fabulous job. Spencer, however, had to wear plastic gloves to help clean out the pumpkin before the carving but he did it and that is more then I can say for last year or any of the years before. Griffin just dug right in and grabbed a handful..I know it is a matter of time before he balks and wants gloves like Spencer and daddy…yes daddy won’t do it either…that leaves mom to do the dirty work as usual…but still a lot of fun.

In our wonderful neighborhood, we have Hob Goblin festivities…the family picks the night they want to be the hob goblin and this is how it works…so we pick tonite..(not really) and we have prepared our treat bags..usually a little bit of candy and other trinkets…then you go to the homes and ring the door bell and drop the goodies and hide..the family then tries to find you if they do your caught and you go to the next home…if not kudos for you and bragging rights the next day…yea it is parent approved ding dong ditch.

So, this year we get our bags together and start out…we are through 8 of 10 homes and not caught yet…Spencer is really excited this year to do it…he can do it all by himself and it is sooooo cool to watch him grow. We leave the last two homes for the next night and guess what we get caught, both times…but he is OK with it. Next year he really wants Griffin to go with him..I can’t wait for him to show him the right way to ‘do it’. I love watching them grow and be brothers…