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A visit with Oma and Opa, Debbie and Aunt Judy.

Our visit with Spencer’s birth family went very well as usual. It is always nice to visit with them…giving Spencer a chance to learn a little bit about his biological history….make a connection. We had a nice lunch and Spencer and Opa and Oma went for a bike ride to the park, daddy and Griffin took sometime outside…daddy’s allergies were really bad this time. Griffin, on the other hand, loves the kitties now and wants to, with his brother, find them and play or ‘torture’ them. Fortunately, the cats spend most of the time upstairs and the boys are not allowed up there. It is hard to believe that a year ago, Griffin was terrified of the cat at the baby home in Glazov. Now he wants to hold it and touch it…thanks to big brother, he is overcoming a lot of his fears…

After about 4 hours it was time to hit the road…Oma had Halloween bags for both the boys. I am so appreciative of the way that the entire family treat’s Griffin like he was their blood relative. He gets just as much attention from everyone and I truly hope that he feels the love of them like a grand parent.


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  1. Sounds like everyone, except Daddy, enjoyed their visit! Such a very special visit. It’s really great that you are able to share such meaningful time with Spencer’s birth family.

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