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Happy Second Birthday Griffin…

Man what was I thinking…I was not in any way shape of form ready for a party for Griffin. How come I was not ready, how come I did not have anything planned the week before, I was scrambling..what the hell…????

Here it goes all ready and done in a week…can you believe it…I made the decision, with the help of Michelle, to go with Thomas Griffin’s current love…limited invites actually sent most were told by phone…so not like me at all…purchased generic invites and some getting no invites..I digress….I am on the Internet ordering and ordering getting all the thing that I meed for goodie bags and decorating. Next, lay it all out…I know it will be at our church..order the hot dog machine and the pop corn machine and the nacho machine. Call for help from Auntie Heather for a 3 hour marathon decorating of the fellowship hall…

the day of the party…up and out by 8AM..getting the machines and the balloons and the cake. All s set with about 25 minutes to spare. Guests are arriving and Griffin and Daddy and Spencer are here..the party is on.

The guests are given their neckerchief and engineers hat and then ride in on a ‘train track’ riding the rocket or the buzz light year truck..they all love it. Once inside they are given a drink in a cute caboose sippy cup and can get hot popcorn from themselves at the popcorn popper…or they might chose a nacho dish. There are trains and tracks to set up and play with as well as a coloring table to color various Thomas pictures…there is a Thomas video playing if the guests want to relax…

We all eat the hot dog and chips and other snacks and play a game of pin the nose on James, spinning around for every year old you are….poor Anabel is nearly 12 !!! it was fun. Next, we headed to the gym for parachute games and running games and free play. After a trying time we head back for cake and ice cream and then gifts…Griffin lasts for about 6 gifts and then he is off to play. We usually have the gift giver help open since at 2 you are not that great at it…so the remainder of the gifts were opened by the kids that brought them…I think they liked doing it.

It was a great day …lots of fun lots of freedom yet structured enough. The kids enjoyed it and that is what really matters.

A time for reflection…last year we were celebrating Griffin’s birthday with my mom and Spencer for that little boy we had not even met yet. We had a cake and dinner out and and a movie. It was a fun way to make a lasting memory. Now he is finally home and there will be no more celebrating with out his friends and family.
I have to wonder what they do in the orphanages and baby homes for these kids on their birthdays?? Those kids that never go to a forever home..do they ever celebrate the day they were born..do they even realize it when it arrives….makes me sad to think about…but it is a reality.

Happy second birthday to my special love bug.


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  1. Debi, what a wonderful party for Griffin! I bet you really gave him quite a thrill, as I am sure he realized that it was all for him. What a great way to spend his birthday!

    I often wonder about birthdays in orphanages too. I’m guessing they are very low key as favoritism is something they would need to try to avoid. It’s also costly to celebrate a birthday. I believe that the majority have probably never even gotten a birthday present. I thought about sending our Little Guy a gift for his first birthday, but it wouldn’t have made it in time… and we are still a bit uncertain about his actual birth date!

    You are really a great party planner. Griffin’s party, eventhough it took you only a week to prepare, is way better than most! Great job!

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