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Grandpa, Dinsey and Granny….

These are the faces of two happy boys…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…

Thursday at about 5 PM, we left for our Florida vacation. Plan drive to Louisville TN and then to Grandpas the next day….so day one goes as planned…from then on out not so much.

For those of you who live in Atlanta…you have my deepest sympathies…that city is the pits for traffic. After 2 hours of near stand still traffic, we finally get the heck outta Atlanta…knowing that in a week we will be on the other side of the road doing the exact same thing…but that is for later.
Because we are more then 2 hours behind schedule we now have to on the busy travel week find a place to stay as it is near 10PM. We start looking in Tifton and never find anything and I mean anything even a roach motel till we get to Lake City FL at midnight. Now some might say why not just go to Grandpas…well it would be 2 AM before we pulled in and that is just not fair to any of us. We stayed at a Days Inn and while the room was refurnished and redone the bathroom was original and I think I found DNA from Elvis….

Our visit with Grandpa was good…short, but good. Grandpa’s house is older and not well maintained…I think this is where the troubles began for the Pavletic family. By the next morning, Griffin was wheezing as was Richard and Spencer…but Griffin was the worst. If we stayed too much longer he would have had a full blown asthma attack. We left there on Sunday late morning and headed to Disney.

Ahhhh, Disney the happiest place on Earth…..we started with check in at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and then off to the Disney bus for the Magic Kingdom. We had a wonderful short time there catching the parade as we walked through the gate…perfect timing…we saw the whole parade and had front row seats without waiting an hour before hand!! We visited a few things and went to dinner and back to bed. The next morning up early for an 8 Am character dining experience at the Crystal Place and the Winnie the Pooh characters. Another full day of fun at the Magic Kingdom. Lots to see there and many characters to meet. Dinner was at the Kona Cafe and it was yummy. This is about the time that I began to feel a little under the weather…nothing much but a little…by the time we took the monorail and bus back to the hotel I was miserable.

The next day we were slated to go to MGM…now both parents are in bad shape…I have had a lot of bathroom issues and Richard was wishing his would start to make him feel better….but we strive on…we have a 9Am breakfast with JoJo, Goliath, June and Leo….it was the most expensive meal for Richard and I ever neither of us ate and we paid full price character breakfast price…oh well the boys loved their visits with the characters. It is, after all, all about the kids and not the parents right??? We visited the whole park but knew we would not make the night time festivities…We did see lots of characters and ‘shows’ and had pizza planet for lunch which of course came back to life later. But the boys had a blast and we did the dutiful parent thing and made the best of it even though we felt like dying.

Finally the last day Animal Kingdom…we had planned a short visit with breakfast with Mickey, Donal, Pluto and Goofy. Off to a Safari ride and then on to the shopping experience. we ended up doing more then just the Safari and had a good time….still not eating…we headed to the Marketplace after checking out and shopped till we dropped…or about 2 hours. We ate lunch at the Earl of Sandwich and it was quite good. The 2 hour ride to Gran’s was at hand. We were hoping that the boys slept all the way and they were hoping that we entertained them the whole way….UGH..We got there and Gran had dinner waiting and it was so yummy to sit and relax and have a great home cooked meal.

Our visit with Gran was too short…she did get to see us for all of Thanksgiving day..we stayed tucked inside all day and relaxed. She made a fantastic traditional dinner and we ate till we burst…I am felling 90% and Richard is finally at about 75%…but now the trip is coming to an end and we are finally getting better…ugh it just figures…

Friday….Glazov reunion….We meet at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife park with my forum friend Amy and her DH Joe and daughter Hannah…from Griffins baby home!!! They were in the baby home at the same time…different rooms but there at the same time!!! It was so much fun to meet another Glazov baby mom….we are looking forward to a long relationship with them…they are a wonderful family. Tons of pictures and kisses later we say good bye and cant wait to get together again.

Saturday…..up and out early…we are going to Chattanooga TN…we make it all the way with a little time to spare…oddly since we had to go through the hell that is Atlanta…pizza at the Mellow Mushroom and off to bed…Sunday’s drive was not so pleasant…lots of holiday going home traffic….it took us about 12 hours to get home in what should have been a 8-9 hour trip…oh well we had a nice time and it was not really all that damaging to any of us…

I will post some ramdom pictures in the next entry…

Photos edited out


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  1. Wow, what a trip! You guys packed in a lot in a short amount of time. I’m sure it was great to see your family and spend a wonderful Thanksgiving Day relaxing! Your time with Amy & family sounds great, you will be all ready to pick up where you left off when you see them again next summer! Your time at WDW sounds awsome. I can’t wait to go back there myself, I can almost envision myself there when I see your photos… ahhh!

    Sorry you got sick! What a bummer. Last time we were in FL my dh also was under the weather. He forged on too, what troopers!

    Okay, gotta go and dream about visiting Disney again….

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