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Griffin a year ago..I am thankful

As I look back on the past glorious first year of life with Griffin home I am thankful and grateful for many many things and people.

-for his birth mom who gave my sweet Griffin life.
-for all the little ones left behind who were Griffins first friends. May they someday know the happiness that he knows.
-for the ladies in the baby home who took such wonderful care of my son for one full year till I could get to him and bring him home.
-for the orphanage director and her daughter who I remain in good contact with..with the hopes of someday seeing them again and let them see my child’s glowing face.
-for the people of Glazov and a judge that knew what the right thing for this child would be.
-for my DH who continually puts up with my irritating habits now and always has…who made sure that we always had what we needed in Russia and that we had enough monies to complete the adoption.
-for Spencer who willingly let his mommy and daddy go off to Russia for not one but two long trips while he behaved like a perfect gentleman the entire time. Now being a great big brother
-for brothers, Griff and Spence, that make me smile from ear to ear daily. Loving and hugging and growing to be the best brothers ever.
-for God for granting a young woman in Glazov Russia the chance to have a precious child to be raised by another mother.
-for our family trusting and loving us through it all
-for our agency for their honesty and frankness through out the entire process…especially Sue who is leaving the agency at the end of the year…she is an angel amongst us.
-for my mom who had taken the trip to Russia the year before and just knew her daughter would me miserable in coach…and she was right the ride in business was so much sweeter thanks to her. For her caring for Spencer while we left for many many days two times.
-for my dad who long ago left this earthly life but still watches us from heaven above making sure we are safe and sound.

FOR GRIFFIN making my life shine that much brighter, making our family that much more complete. I am beyond proud to be your mom. I am over the moon in love with you..

sorry about the mush all….it is one year ago that Judge Olga in Izhevsk Russia, Udmurtia Republic declared us to be Griffin’s parents…it has been a wonderful year…


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  1. What a wonderful tribute. It is hard to believe it has been a year, yet ONLY a year. It seems as if Griff has been with you forever. He is such a sweet little boy.

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