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What a wonderful time of the year…Christmas…snow falling, drifting beautifully…what a beautiful thing….OH wait not here not this Christmas at least…Hell, I think Richard will be mowing the lawn in his Santa hat this year. The grass is as green and healthy as it is all spring and summer… so OK it is not the white Christmas we all dream about….but it is Christmas and we do have many things for which to be grateful.

Christmas Eve this year…hmmm…I am aggravated…I am the oldest of three…next is DB “T” and he is….wow 38 !! DB “D” is 35. Every year from the day I was born, oh so many years ago,… Christmas Eve celebrations were with my mom’s family. We went to my Aunt Dolly’s every year after the children’s program at church. As we got older and mom and her sister had a slight falling out over the drunkeness at Christmas Eve we began celebrating just the family at home. Presents and food and family time. It was good as time went on my brothers and I all met, and eventually married, people who celebrated with their families on Christmas Day!! Wonderful. Yeah us!! This year mom decided that indeed she would spend Christmas at her Florida home. ??!! OK..well, my brothers are still here and we will get together. I do what only I can do, I call them both and say “Hey, what is up for Christmas Eve?” respectively, each of their spouses says let me talk to DB and get back to you. Cool. Who would imagine anyone would say no. So SIL “T” calls and says we are good for anything we are going to church and then we are up for whatever….cool… I have to call SIL “D” to get an answer of no, we will be spending the time at home just being a family. WTF??

Long story short…a little angry at “D”, but his loss…”T” and family came to our house after church and we had a nice visit but more importantly the kids were able to spend time together…family…together…kids that is what it is all about…be the bigger person and put your attitude aside and for once do it for your kids…not for yourself. Nuff said.

Christmas day!! it never seems to amaze me the wonder and excitement in the eyes of my boys. For Griffin it was there but not nearly as much as it will be next year. Those wide eyed stares at the wrapped and unwrapped gifts waiting for them magically under the tree. The wrapping paper flies and the fun begins…soon the floor is covered in toys and wrapping paper…if I can do no other toys buying for my boys through out the year I would be satisfied watching the excitement of this day and all the toys.

Later on, after lunch, we head over to SIL “E” for the rest of the day. It is just easier to go there and not deal with all the drama that is inflicted on everyone if I decide to do the meal at my house. We enjoy ourselves…yes, most of the meal is prepared by moi. The food is all prepared and ready for the cooking..after making a few changes the cooking is done and the eating is over we are all full…satisfied and happy. The children spend the entire day playing….it is so nice to hear the kids running and playing…it is truly what it is all about for me.

I will post Christmas day pictures when they are down loaded.

Christmas Eve Spencer starts throwing up and for the next 2 days is near comatose. Griffin is coughing and hacking…eventually getting a diagnosis of lower lobe pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. It is the beginning of a new year for him and his lungs!!

For now …


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  1. I really am sorry that this X-mas was not what you had hoped for as far as traditions go. The kids did have a great time, which as you said, is the most important part. Hopefully next year will be better.

  2. ya know ebra…you are 100% correct…the boys had a blast…( Lauren too;) ) and that is the real joy of the season

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