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Another year has come and gone again for this mom…sometimes when I look at how old I am I am sad for me because I feel I got cheated out of all those infertile years with my kids. Then I look at my boys and think how did they get stuck with an old mom…at least they will always have each other…but I am not really sad about aging…I am not one of those who is all bummed that I am another year older or anything like that…age is just a number..but there are times…

I have a good life, I am blessed with a loving husband and 2 beautiful boys. I have family that loves me and I love them. I have wonderful friends and am thankful for them as well. Life could not get any better in my eyes. I am mostly healthy and trying to be healthier…I set goals and attempt to accomplish them,,,at this age you would think that would be a no brainer…what I need to really start to do it to put myself first more ofter..not in the sense of…I am getting a scrap book toy before I get you that new toy… but in the sense that I make sacrifices for everyone else and I need to start making them for myself. I need to put my needs first sometimes…I know now on the rare times that I do, do it now I am wrought with guilt. It shouldn’t be that way. It should be second nature..it is not…

But for today my life is good, it is better then I ever expected it to be..celebrating 44 really is no different then celebrating 34 or 24…I am just more mature now…

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  1. That is a great picture of the three of you.:)

    Happy birthday for the third time.LOL

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