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Do you ever wonder about ……………………yourself???

Sometimes I have to wonder about myself…I agreed to moderate at Soul of Adoption almost a year ago…it is a fun place…I love the Russia forum and the people there all seem like “Russia family” to me not in the mob sense…but family…they know the trials and tribulations and pure unadulterated joy of Russia adoption. I am good there…

Recently, I was asked to be part of an adoption reform group…I wholeheartedly believe that domestic infant adoption needs reform. Things need to change and the monies need to be removed from the equation. But that is another topic for another day… the grind for me comes in at the point that I agreed to join. I don’t have a lot of internet time…DH already things this is my new soap opera…I am committed to SoA, I have two boys…they need me too…not to mention my house my laundry my scrapbooks, my friends and my families. I feel like I should contribute to this group but I also feel that I am letting them down by not giving more.

What is a girl to do…get asked to be part of an internet site that deals with Adoption Disruptions. How can you say no to helping a child who might possibly loose the only family they have ever known, to disruptions. UGH!! Another passion…but again, I am committed to SoA , and blah blah blah…you get the picture. So I ask you the faithful reader of this blog…do you ever wonder about….YOURSELF…do you take on too much not giving 100 % to each part of your life…how do you learn to juggle…life and all that it has in store…I wanna raise my kids and do some good..is this the way to do it??? Time will tell..thanks for reading!!


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  1. hi there…
    when i find myself in these situations, i sit my husband down, explain the situation and the pros and cons, and ask him to think about it for a few days. then i get back to him and ask his opinion. almost always he helps me come to the right decision. he sees things from a different perspective and brings another voice of reason to the issue. it always helps give me clarity, and then there is the added bonus that i didn’t foolishly make a decision that will later become a “rub” between us in our marriage.

    (the hard part is if his perspectives doesn’t agree with yours…. but even then, there is value in more talking, more praying and waiting. ultimately you need to make a decision that prioritizes your relationship with him since your marriage is the foundation of your family. God will always bless and honor that decision.)

    maybe your husband will fully support you doing this now – – – maybe he’ll end up encouraging you to wait until your boys are a couple of years older. but, i’m sure if you guys talk it over you’ll come to exactly the right decision.

    hope your day goes good. ;o)

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