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Spontaneous talking…??

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What the hell is she talking about?, you might be saying to yourself… Griffin, in a one word answer…he takes speech lessons weekly. He works very hard to attempt to utter new words he will try anything. You see we have to break each word down for him and then he gets it…well, most of it. He does not have a sound for long and short e and i or oooh but has most if not all consonants. So words like bus are buts..and truck is dik..though when prompted he will say trrr-uk. He points to things and labels them the best to his ability but a half hour car ride can be filled with many diks and buts sometimes in the 50 and 60’s. Never though has he uttered a word spontaneously, saw a house and said “house”…(that is one word we have not worked on with him).

Enough history…I have a great friend named Marjuanna..pronounced Mar zah na..or close to that. She was visiting the other day and Griffin was running around playing outside while we visited…her visit was short. She got in the car after the goodbyes and left…Griffin stood in the doorway of the garage and yelled Marrrr nana..I looked at him and was like WTF…did you just say Marjuanna??? and then he did it again and again…laughing at the delight of making mommy crazy…so there you have it…his first spontaneous word couldn’t be hi or go, heck, I would have settled for a resounding NO…but I get Marrrr nana…ya just never know


3 Responses

  1. how funny and wonderful!

  2. Isn’t it funny the things we get excited about?

  3. I am disappointed..why is Griffin’s first word not HANNAH???
    Maybe he is saying “Margarita” since that was her first name in Russia??? Ya never know….;0)

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