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Hello Glazov and Svetlana…

I see that my friend Svetlana has been here a few times and I am glad to see that…I hope that she can get a glimpse into our home life and Griffin’s life here in the United States. I also hope that she can share some of the things that she sees and reads here with our friends at the baby home.

Today I met a woman who grew up right outside Moscow. We were talking and she was asking me all sorts of questions because she has not been back in many many years (though she is not more then 30)…it was fun to tell her about our trip. She disparately wants to go home for a visit. I told her how much I loved the country and how I wish to go back too. She seemed a little surprised… so she spoke to Griffin in Russian but alas it went right over his head 😦 I was hoping he would at least look at her when she was talking. He did want her to take him to see some flowers but after a few minutes he was looking for me. I think we will be seeing more of her as she works at the Little Gym and we are going to take some classes there with Mrs. Marjuanna.

So Lana, I hope that things are good for you and that all is going good at the baby home. I think of you and your mom and the caretakers so often and even more so the little faces I can still see so clearly in my mind’s eye. Hoping they all get forever families.

For now-D

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