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A Wal-Mart moment AACK!

My friend Elle recently had a moment in a store…I was just reading about it on her blog yesterday. My Wal-Mart moment was not nearly as comical as hers nor will I write nearly as well as she but here goes…

I am not sure what possessed me to go to the super Wal-Mart in the ‘hood’ so to speak. I was out with Griffin and decided to hit three birds with one stone I guess…maybe it was a momentary loss of consciousness..whatever it was it was stupid. I pull into the parking lot and the firs thing that I think is…why am I here…I don’t particularly like Wal-Mart and I certainly have had nothing but bad experiences at this one…but well, maybe this will be a good day.

So we venture in and much to my surprise, the store seems well stocked and fairly clean…not common for this particular Wal-Mart. We begin our traipse through the store…still surprised at the place…Griffin and I are having a good time we are laughing and learning and just generally having fun being together. We go through the entire store this way…running into the occasional older lady that just smiles at us. Faintly, in some other isle, I can hear a woman complaining loudly… but we continue…

Alas, we are done and head to the checkout. We wait unusually long for the two people in front of us but now it is our turn. We have all our items loaded on to the conveyor. The lady behind us picks something up off the floor and hands it to the cashier looking at me…I POLITELY say, oh no that is not mine. To which the lady behind that lady begins her tirade about how ungrateful I am and how I could at least be courteous and thank the lady, people are shafted for doing kind things…blah blah blah…I look at the lady roll my eyes to which she has more comments…I suddenly realize that I am th minority here…these women of various color have me out numbered…I simply go about my business of paying the cashier , load my things in my cart and head out of the store. As I walk away I hear this lady STILL going on and on about me and my rudeness and I realize….she is the one I heard isles over earlier in the store.

Now, I know why I don’t go to the ‘hood’ Wal-Mart or any Wal-Mart for that matter anymore. In this area Wal-Mart is so white trashy…

OH!, to that same loud woman complaining about me at the checkout… “yeah, that was me that nearly clipped you and your shopping cart in the parking lot…and yes, I saw you with your fist raised at me too, and yes, I laughed my ass off. Bitch.”


3 Responses

  1. And what she secretly doesn’t know is that you nearly clipped her on purpose.

  2. Elle I did not know you were reading here…Hi and welcome…I hope I am not boring you too bad!!

  3. Gotta luv Wal-Mart. We probably have one of the most upscale Wal-Mart’s (in Parkland) and I still hate it. I do go there once in a while and then remember why I like Target better. LOL!

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