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5 &……a1/2…..celebration??!!

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Having a summer birthday has great rewards but one of the biggest downfalls is that you never get to celebrate your birthday in school…ya know bring the treats for your friends and have them sing happy birthday and wear the crown that the teacher makes you …be leader of the line just because it is YOUR day. Today…February 9th is exactly that 5 1/2 years for Spencer. So I guess this is a happy 1/2 birthday to you my dear.

Big plan for the day?? Run to Lovin’ Oven and pick up the smiley cookies…one for each friend in class. Bring them home package them up and then take them to school. The drink choice was cherry flavored Capri Sun ….so Spencer will get his opportunity to have all the birthday celebration that his friends at school get….only he has to do it on his half birthday and then again in 6 months..

…hey wait…that really isn’t that bad of a deal after all…..well at least until he is too old to care. So for now…..


2 Responses

  1. Happy “5th & 1/2” Birthday, Spencer! Enjoy the day!

  2. he is going to be one.handsome.guy when he grows up!!

    the grass is always greener you know…. i have a winter birthday and i was always jealous of the kids who could have backyard summer parties with pools and sprinklers.

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