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Blustery day!!

Ya know there is not much I dislike about the great state of Illinois….in fact I can’t think of one thing right now… What I love about this state, and the Midwest, is the seasons…I like having a spring, summer, fall and WINTER. I like the changes that I see happening right before me…it really is awesome..take today…snow, snow, snow..it never stops it just keeps falling, I don’t know, I think we have to have like 10 inches of the beautiful stuff… but it keeps coming…I know it will end it won’t fall forever…it never has in the past..so for now I love to watch it. I love to see the excitement in Spencer’s face as he sleds down our hill and the look of awe on Griffins face when the snow plow comes by or the neighbor pulls in with his “pow’. I also know that in a few short months they will be riding bikes and running through the sprinkler and swimming in the pool. But for now…I just like the snow.

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  1. Snow sure is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine all those people who live down South that has never seen or played in the snow. Boy, they don’t know what they are missing!

  2. me too! school was cancelled for us today – yay!

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