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I can yell scream and curse louder then you…

Rage is in full bloom in the shopping centers in this neck of the woods….I was driving through Target’s parking lot today on the hunt….you know for a parking space… which is limited on a good day then add 12 inches of snow and pile it all up in the parking spots well, you get the picture. SO I can hear with the windows closed yelling and screaming…I see a lady who has just parked her van yelling at a man who has jumped out of his SUV to exchange words with her. They both have passengers in their cars but the yelling and carrying on continues. Apparently the man did something she did not like the foul language came out and he got angry back. So now he is back in his SUV and driving away slowly. She goes and get…the cart guy!!?? After yelling at him about what happened the SUV, still cruzing the parking lot, comes back in the next row and parks. I later see he and his significant other and she is saying things like, they make meds for people like her and padded cells…it was all just too funny. Griffin and I just walked through the store smiling…at least it wasn’t me today being ripped a new one!!

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  1. Wow, Debi, it’s worse than Christmas time!

    It all goes to suggest that maybe shopping via the computer & UPS guy is a better way to go!

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