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Yet another Birthday …

Richard has finally caught up to me in age, it has been so hard being the older woman for the last 34 days!! Yeah, he and I are 34 days apart…kinda funny isn’t it, we kinda like it. Nothing big in the works…we made him a card this morning and took it to him when we took him for lunch today.. He of course loved it!! How could he not…the boys worked hard on it. This evening we have nothing but the usual planned…Library night for my three boys…small dinner since we had a big lunch and then off to library. I did not even offer to take the boys tonight as this is something that Richard really loves to do. They get to spend time together doing something that Richard really loves, reading.

As for a cake, we don’t make him one because somehow his administrative asst (Debbie stop snickering) found out his favorite cake, pineapple upside down, and makes it for him every year. So there really is no sense in me making any as he really doesn’t like any other cake. So he gets the sweet kisses from us for his gift and treat this year….when you have spent more then half of your LIFE with the same person it is hard to keep on making such a big deal out of everything…but we have love and 20 years married…we don’t need the materialistic things at least any more. We have each other and family…we are truly blessed…Happy Birthday you spring Chicken.


3 Responses

  1. my bday was yesterday too. 1962 for me…. what year was he born?

  2. Happy Birthday S…..you have him by 1 year exactly!! 1963

  3. I’m a day late, but I hope that Richard enjoyed his special day! Oh, pineapple upside down cake… mmm… now I’m going to have to make one, thanks! 😉

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