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Loooooose teeth!!! Our first one!

Well we spent the better part of the day today convincing Spencer that when a tooth looks like this is is ready to come out. He kept telling us that “it will come out when it is ready” and ” I don’t want you to pull it out.”…boy I can hear those words coming right back at me like I said them yesterday…so we go on with the day …I expect it to fall out at dinner…NO…

We are going through the bed time routine and he is in the bathroom brushing his teeth and he comes running out and says to me “mom it’s out it’s really out and it did not hurt and it did not bleed.”…however, he does not have the tooth but it most certainly is missing from his mouth. So he and I go back in the bathroom and it is sitting in a pile of tooth past on the side of the sink…saved!!

He is very concerned that the tooth fairy lives in a castle made from teeth (??) and wants to know if she HAS to take his tooth. So we write a letter to the tooth fairy requesting that she leave the teeth for him to keep. We put it in a little bell shaped container that my dad had bought with my mom long before they had grand children (my father never met his grandchildren, but we each (my SIL’s and I ) received them at our baby showers) and put it beside his bed and then waited…..

This morning he came running in the room with his monies and his tooth saying she had been there and left him money AND his tooth…another successful night time visit by the tooth fairy….we still don’t know about her castle and we still don’t know if she is really really small or the same size as a human but we will continue to keep watch…

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8 Responses

  1. Congrats, Spence! Now, tell your mommy to put another blog entry in so I don’t have to look at that 1st picture again.

  2. Why do you think that picture is at the top…just for you my dear!!!

  3. precious!!!

  4. Congrats, Spencer!

  5. Oh what a cutie with his missing tooth! Love the letter idea..

  6. as cute as he is, i’m tired of checking your blog and seeing the tooth hanging there. you need to update!

  7. Sybille..I am getting there…I am so far behind from being gone and DH leaving for 6 days…

  8. oh! sorry! ok, i’ll give you a 7 day grace period ;o)

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