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Mother and son Reunion…adoption story

I have a connection to many people in the adoption arena on the internet. I moderate at The Soul of Adoption which is a place for all parts of the adoption triad to come together and talk…make a difference and learn. Adoptees and adopting and have adopted parents and relinquishing moms can all be found there. I have learned so much form all of these people…trying to be a better mom to my own little adoptees. Don’t get me wrong, my children are not to be defined by the simple fact that they were adopted is it just a small part of who they are, however, if I can be a better mom to them dealing with questions they may have with regards to adoption, then I am all for it.

Claud….a mom who relinquished almost 20 years ago…at a maternity home in Boston to give birth and sign over her right to her child with little or no counseling. Hopes to see her son again someday but never sure it would really happen. IT happened..her blog detailing the journey and the new beginning of life with her son….it isn’t always pretty and it isn’t always politically correct..Claud is a major advocate for adoption reform. She has been for sometime putting a lot of herself into this life long issue. Some say she is anti adoption while those who are anti adoption say she is not. Read her blog if you wish…it is a very very interesting read…it goes back to the beginning with the conception of Max 20 years ago in an affair with her then employer….later not so long ago, she confronts him Max’s father and finally tells him he is a dad and that their son is nearly 20…it is heart wrenching and loving and emotional…it is a wonderful read. I comment on her blog often and am so happy for she and for Max…


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  1. I’m not polticially correct?? Oh, snap!!

    LOL..thank you Deb! XX00

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