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Long weekend away…

When the school is going to be closed for conferences and then Casimir Pulaski giving the kids 6 days off….you have to find something to do. We have made a trip to Mark and Becke’s most every year in this same general time period…it was a natural choice again this year. We headed off after Spencer’s Parent-Teacher-Student conferences. Which, by the way were spectacular. He has made great strides since the beginning of the school year. He is in a reading group all by himself… about to move up to the next level..he has a lot to be proud of and so do we. Ahhh I digress…. Thursday afternoon we leave…we decided to stay overnight in the Dells for some water park fun. We check into Chula Vista in the Wisconsin Dells. Spencer and Richard have a blast in the water park and of course Spencer meets a friend…Andrew. He spent the entire night with him and then all the next morning with him…in the water…having a blast. Griffin became a fish, he went down water slides all by himself loving every minute of it. The next day we leave at about 1PM. Both the boys are exhausted Griffin actually falls asleep holding a chicken McNugget.
PHOTO REMOVEDHow wonderful to have the camera ready to snap the perfect shot. They were both tired but Spencer at least finished eating before he fell asleep. The trip to Hudson WI from the Dells is about 3 hours…it was a nice quiet ride.

Becke’s house is really cute with a great front porch and lots of potential for really really nice. It is nice now but could be so much nicer with the right changes. The back yard is a good size and the garage is at the end of the alley so NO traffic…perfect for playing….the girls need a place for letting out their energy. I think they have some nie neighbors and that is a good thing too…..the town of Hudson is a really cute town with about 18,000 people. The homes right in town where Becke and Mark live are old homes…some really well rehabbed nice homes. Cute stores within walking distance from their place. Lots of Churches nearby too. It is a great little town. The girls will be able to walk to school and have friends very nearby. However, there is a lot of strife in the household…mom and dad are at odds, big odds. I think that there is not much hope for the marriage to remain in tact and it makes me really sad. There is nothing that anyone can do they need to make the changes themselves. I don’t know if they can do it…right now I don’t see too much desire to do it. Sad, just very very sad….the girls are the ones who are suffering…the things that should have happened this weekend for Grace’s birthday and did not, the fun that could have been had if the white elephant had not been in the room the entire time. In the end cousins were able to see each other and enjoy each other…that was really good.

Now that the weekend is over and we are settled in back home Griffin walks around holding the brochure and saying WATER PARK…and describing what he did there…it is sooooo darn cute. He had to tel his speech teacher all about the water park…and then 4 days later he is still toting that thing around and talking about it.

On the last note…Richard is in St. Louis at a Land Surveyors conference. He is gone for 6 days…..this is the longest that we have been apart ever….it is weird…even Griffin doesn’t get it. So I am a single mom and really don’t like it…it was not my calling…but I am doing my best and being way more generous to the boys for my own sanity. I just hope that I can turn it back around once dad is back home…


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  1. You guys seeem to have had a great time on your vacation! I just love going to Wisconsin! Love the photos and all the details!

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