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A funny from the weekend..

So, alone with the boys this weekend has not been too bad…I had time with friends last night and that was a relief…the boys have been behaving particularly well….but don’t tell Richard he will think he can go away more often…We did lots of fun things and had fun visiting with cousins and other things…simple boy stuff…but we were on our way to the store on Friday, and it was so nice I had the windows down about 3 inches. We pull up to a stop light and the man in the car next to us is smoking…disgusting air leaking in to my fresh brand new smelling car…I remain silent…Spencer must have sensed my anger and said, “mommy roll down my window I want to tell that man how bad smoking is”….and I do the right thing and say, “Spencer we do not talk to strangers even if they are spoiling our fresh air and besides he is in his own car and not ours.” So, I guess since he figured I was not going to let him roll down the window he would yell anyway, “mister you’re gonna die from cancer and that smoking!!”, the man looks at him and than me and as I pull away I say,”he’s right!!” Then Spencer and I laugh and I say hey we did a good deed for to day. Maybe he will put out the cigarette and stop…not likely…but we tried…it was too funny.


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  1. my son did that once to a guy in traffic. it was summer, the windows were down, the light was red — it happened before i could do anything!

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