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I never know how to title when I am writing about a visit with Spencer’s birth family…using the terms birth family visit seems, well, common, unimaginative, boring, incomplete…..so I go title less…that is of course one of you can think of a title…

Sunday we had a great visit with the L’s..it was Oma, Opa, Debbie and Aunt J. Quiet gathering… Uncle A was working. Since we, meaning Richard and I, are making a good effort to eat much more healthy I was at a loss as to what to make for a group of 9 people. Sometimes we do sandwiches, sometimes pizza, it is always something different. SO I decided to make Chicken Noodle soup. It was par for the course…YUMMY…I love my mom’s soup recipe and it is so darn easy…I made 2 medium sized chickens and bought some good bakery bread..mixed up some rosemary butter and Viola lunch. When it was all said and done….we had about 2 bowls left..that is a whole lotta soup to have eaten. Richard and I avoided the bread mostly having only a small piece but everyone else loved it. It pleases me when a meal is good and well received. Lots of pound cake and fruit topped the menu and was delish!!

Spencer took us all outside to show off his bike riding skills and before I knew it he had Opa in dad’s helmet and on dad’s bike and they were off to the park!! Oma, J and Debbie and I sat inside talking about life in general. It is so nice to be to the point that we don’t have to entertain we can just be. At one point Spencer took everyone up to see his room and they were all gone for about 20 minutes…Richard and I said that the next time that happened we were going to the movies…

That brings us to the next exciting thing that will happen…Spencer is going to stay at Oma and Opa’s for the night. He has been asking his dad and I so finally we approached the subject with them and they were very excited to have him stay….now, I am thrilled for them and for Spencer it puts the next step of trust into our relationship but on the back burner I am a little worried…NO, not that I will never see Spencer again….never would I think that….I am worried how Spencer will be and what will they think about how we are raising him. Will they see the little boy that I see, loving and caring and full of life and stories…he brims with manners, respect and imagination…mostly spirited with excitement over the littlest things…..how we raise him is how we want him to be but back in the far reaches of my mind I do wonder what they think..as I do with my mom and my brothers and SIL’s . It really is no different. It won’t top me from raising him the way we see fit…but I do wonder…

So life goes on….the next bridge is built and the new one is started…

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