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I’ll call it AMY and JOE

Yep that is the title…AMY and JOE…

for awhile now a trip to St.Pete Fl has been in the works for some of us in the adoption community…it was planned and execution began…from the start we wanted to go…..

what would hold us back…

1) THE STINKIN WEATHER… it is sooooo damn hot in Florida at that time of the year… you all know my affection for heat and sweating…

2) Cost…the trip was reasonable but flights, oddly enough, were high…but OK..

3) THE STINKIN WEATHER…wait I already said that!!!

so my buddy, friend,fellow Glazovian mom, said…let Joe and I use our Delta miles to fly you here…we want to see you and vacation with you and this is what we want to do…what?, I should say NO??, believe you me, it was hard to accept such a generous offer…..in the end we did agree to it with many conditions mostly that they fly here with the remainder of the miles that they have and stay with us and allow us to treat them to a Chicago vacation…mind you Joe has NEVER seen and touched REAL SNOW!!!

So Amy and Joe this is to you…whether we said yes to the tickets or not you guys are great friends and we are happy that we have you in our lives…


3 Responses

  1. awwww – how awesome!! (you don’t dare complain about the heat after that)

  2. I know Sybil…how blessed and lucky to have Amy and Joe…I really can’t complain about something like the weather now!!

  3. That is too cool! I am so excited!!!

    Karen aka angelkisses

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