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That about sums it up for us here…since day one of Spring Break we have been on the go and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon….

Let’s see Spring break… we had a great time at the Milwaukee Zoo with Marjuanna and Rebecca on Monday…

Tuesday we got together with Auntie Deb and the kids, LC, H and W…at the secret park and it was a blast the kids loved playing with each other we followed that up with lunch out with the dads joining us at Max and Erma’s…the kids loved filling up on ice cream for dessert…

Wednesday…we had plans to be with our friend from Canada who was here visiting…but Mrs. Best, who was hosting the gathering was ill so we did not get to go see Ryan and his mom. Last minute plan change we picked dady up at work and headed down to Chicago to Ed Debevic’s and The Field Museum. We spent the late part of the day there and it was really cool. They have a dinosaur exhibit right now and it has real bones that you can touch..very neat.

Thursday we had an inside morning…a little over cast but not bad…again plans spoiled we were supposed to see our friends Mrs. Kirby and Cole and Kate but Mrs. Kirby was very very sick and we could not get together with them…we were sad. But in the afternoon we got to go to the Dentist that is always cool….OK well, maybe not that cool. Spencer did go back all by himself and did great for his x-rays..so that is a really cool thing. Mommy is about to have a bridge made for a baby tooth that finally fell out about 6 years ago… there is no adult tooth so I have to endure another 2 crowns and bridge…God I love the dentist…and did you know that I only have 23 teeth…most of you adults have 30 or 32 if you still have your wisdom teeth…little mouth big things to say!!

Friday…What to do with the last day of Spring Break…In the morning we had a neighborhood bowling party all the neighborhood kids participated…well, just our cul-de-sac…it was a blast there were 11 kids and 6 parents..we had a good time…another thing about this place that I live these types of things are so fun and impromptu..after that lunch at the arches…whatever they are kids right…then I whisked us off to a play date at the park as Spencer’s friend from Canada was going to be there and really wanted to see him…they played like angels for almost three hours..I had to leave to take G-man for a nap but my friend Sue who brought him home said they had a wonderful time.

Saturday….the neighborhood Annual Egg hunt and breakfast. Watching the kids run around and look for eggs is soooo fun. Spencer was quiet sad that he did not find the golden egg.. Our Egg hunt goes like this…I started it 4 years ago…I had a golden Egg with a gift card to Target in it..the child who finds it gets to spend the gift card but also that family gets to host the party…Spencer could careless about the damn gift card he wants to have a party…so after a bout of pouting he got over it and had a blast the remainder of the time. Breakfast was a treat and the storms held out till after the hunt. That evening we went to SIL in Winnetka to talk about FIL and his health..plans need to be made he is not well…they sold their house and are moving into a condo..S-MIL has a tumor on her shin and is having a biopsy early this month…FIL can not be home alone, it is that bad…but of course after 3 hours of talking nothing had been decided in typical fashion with DH family.

So Spring Break is over…back to school today…he was happy about it he loves school…Griffin and i did some errands and he is sleeping like a baby….I tired him out this week. I will get to posting pictures when I get them all down loaded. I will put them in a new post though…so look there later.

Now, on to preparing for the garage sale the week end after Easter…oh yeah I guess plan for Easter too!! At least I have the kids clothes and basket fillers ready.


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  1. wow – sounds like you squeezed out every possible moment of fun! i’m glad it was a great break for all of you.

    my boys are off next week. being teenagers, however, out week will probably look a LITTLE different – haha!

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