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Garage sales and snow???

So each year a few of the neighbors and I have a garage sale the first one of the summer…it is almost always the weekend after Easter…we always have a good turn out and we NEVER have snow….my SIL Debbie is here and selling lots of her things and we are selling a lot of the things that my mom no longer wants giving the money to the kids.

2007….8 inches of snow the night before the annual garage sale. Yes, many many people showed up. On all three days good steady flow…so we decide that maybe we should open again the next weekend and we do…slow slow slow..turn out is low both Thursday and Friday. In the end I have about 80 lbs of clothing that I am slowly going to send to Glazov and Griffin’s baby home. I also made a donation to the Amvets and we are clear of all things old…for now.

6 Responses

  1. A garage sale in the snow…WOW I can’t even imagine that :0)
    Hope you made some big bucks to play with on your trip to FL!

  2. eight inches?!! good grief. i’ve done garage sales twice. not a fan. now i just donate everything to salvation army or vietnam vets and take the tax deduction.

    hope your weekend is a good one.

  3. I’m glad that you had your garage sale with someone else. I tried one here last year and it was so slow I almost fell asleep waiting for the next people to come around! Now I just go shopping during our neighborhood garage sale 😉 Actually, I think you are visiting that day!

  4. Who would have thought that the weekend it was 65 and sunny would be slower than the 40 degrees and snoww weekend?

    I am so glad to have gotten rid of all that stuff, though.

  5. ok it’s been a month. update.

  6. debbbbbbiiiiii-
    where arrrrrrrrre yoooooooou?????????

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