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Spencer’s big night out…

Well, sleeping at other peoples homes is not a real big deal for Spencer he has done it enough times but sleeping at Oma and Opa’s with his birth mom that is a big deal for him. He had all sorts of preparations to do….which PJ’s to take and which stuffed animal to sleep with and ‘cool’ clothes for the next day. Packed the Thomas bag and he was ready. Mommy was ready too we were both looking forward to this visit with them…I was apprehensive only on one front..behavior… would Spencer be the boy that I knew he could be kind, mannered, pleasant… would they see the boy that he can be would they be as proud of him as we are…of course they would see him of course they would be proud of him who he is becoming…how could they not.

On the return home trip Spencer was telling me all about staying up past midnight and getting up early. Having a McFlurry and cannoli and going to the park and sliding with Opa and on and on and on…even all these days later he tells me something new that he has remembered. It is a great thing. I think he liked the telling of stories the best. He said that Aunt J and Uncle A stayed in his room and told stories with him…made up stories.

He was sad though that his birth mom was not able to stay over. He really wanted to sleep with her in the bed she had growing up…but he was able to get past it. I am sad for him missing something he really was looking forward to.
But it is par for the course lately bmom seems a little distant when we get together. I hope that opportunity comes again and that he can do it again.

Some people (no offense to you know who you are) when they found out that he was staying the night were like wow that is so nice of you…??? I don’t see it as nice of me…I see it as Spencer asked if he could stay the night at his Oma and Opa’s and I said yes, just like I said to him when he asked to stay to Gran’s and Hailey’s and Tyler’s…not a big deal and certainly not nice of me. Just run of the mill decisions that as parents we make every day.


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  1. Sounds like he had a fun time! McFlurries and cannolis… mmm!

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