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A catch up blog entry…


Wow…we have been busy…lots of things going on in our lives…I hope to use this one entry to catch everyone up on where our lives are running away too…

So last we left this happy family, Easter festivities had just ended….now for the update…

Shortly after Easter Spencer had his pen house at school which is also a Spring Sing program..it was really fun to see him with all the kids that we hear so much about but never get to see..because the kindergarten has approximately 400 students the programs are broken up on to two days and two times each day..it is nice to be part of a big school but you do miss some of that small school feel…more later on the school district and how it works and works well..for now a picture of Spencer’s Spring sing group and he and Mrs. Goettsch his teacher (pronounced like dutch).

It is hard to believe that as I write this entry he is on his final three days of kindergarten…first grade next year…and to think yesterday he was a newborn!!!

Our school district has a unique set up because it is so large. As a kindergartener you just go to the Primary building. As soon as you leave that building for first grade you are put into East or West depending on your address..odd or even…you are assigned a ‘house’ and that is the house you stay in for all your lower grade school years. Spencer’s happens to be Red House West. There are approximately 80 students in the Red West house that he will ‘travel’ with. These students will be ‘herded’ into classes…I asked for Spencer to be with a teacher that loops (has the same kids for two years in a row) starting in first grade. He will be with her and the same kids for first and second grade. Third grade we start with a new teacher same building. Fourth Grade through 6th grade new building and new teacher and possibly a looping teacher again we will see. That is how it runs for now…I don’t know many with older children so I am not sure exactly how it goes in the upper grades but I am sure that in the next 6 years it will change. So in some ways Spencer is in a small school…if you will, he will have a ‘class’ size of 80 students much like the class size I had in grade school graduating together at 77 students. Yes, there will be 400+ graduating with him but he will have a pretty good handle on the 80+ he went to school with for the first 6 years of school…..anyway tangent…sorry

We spent the day at the Milwaukee Zoo with daddy and it was a fun fun day. We have a membership and spend lots of time there but not usually with daddy!! For father’s day this year we decided to treat daddy to a lawn service for the summer so he could spend more time with us as a family rather then with the grass and weeds!! It is having a positive impact on family and spending more time doing the things we waited so long to do with our children.

Next it was some early summer fun for the kids…getting the outside toys out for the first time each year is more then a treat for them…they love each one and have to try them all out. I don’t know about the boys you know but my boys love to bounce…this year after the famous garage sale in the snow…Griffin had enough money to buy most of the bouncy mini trampoline..he totally loves it…

When Spencer was little part of his mommy and me time was to go to gymnastics in fact that is how I first met my friend Marjuanna she is a coach at the Little Gym. It was only natural for Griffin to go to Gymnastics too..and where else but the Little Gym with Mrs. Mar-nana as he calls her..he is quiet the little gymnast…maybe has to do with being Russian maybe he is just coordinated…In the first part of May we celebrated Richard’s dad’s 70th birthday with a lot of last minute planning and implementation on my part though Ellie was the one hosting it and throwing it. She spent, as usual, a ton of money on this party from the hand served hors d’oeuvres to the fully stocked bar with bartender..fully catered by Levy restaurants. While it was fun she postponed dinner service to wait for DH side of the family to show up and when they finally did arrive, after dinner they had already eaten…UGH!! They party was nice it was nice to see Richard’s dad who is ailing, visit with old friends and reliving old memories and stories. My boys at the party and Grandpa (sitting) and his remaining siblings.

One of the nice things about having family parties is that the boys get to Grace and Linda and Maggie, DH sisters kids from up near MN. They are always welcome to stay with us…but this time…it was taken too far…they were here a week and I was looking forward to them leaving. Not that I don’t love them dearly but it was too long. We did get to go to the Kohl’s children’s museum and it was great we would love to go again this summer.

Our agency, The Cradle, had it’s yearly open house again this spring and we had a wonderful time. We met Marjuanna and Chris and Rebecca there DD also adopted from the Cradle. Neat story there…Spencer and Rebecca and The Tomek’s and the P*******ic’s were all waiting for a connection at the same time…Rebecca is 6 months younger then Spencer. Later, I would meet Marjuanna when she was Spencer’s coach in Gymnastics and then again when we finally decided to bond since we kept running into each other.she and I are both avid scrap bookers..we met at a local store and well that is the end of that…

So that is a recap of the last month of the life of a P******c…I am going to post the last few events…Memorial day, swimming at a friends, another trip to the Zoo and Komoto Dragons for a later date….When blogger is working again I will post pictures from all the events above…

thanks again for being loyal and for reading!!

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  1. yay!

  2. Welcome back. It’s great to hear from you again! Sounds like everything is running smoothly. Thanks for the update!

  3. and yay for pictures! your boys are so sweet ;o)

  4. Ok, I think your kiddos are getting cuter every day…Spencer with that big smile and Griffin..oh of love his beautiful hair! Just wondering..is he working out to get beefed up so he’s looking handSOME for my Hannah? She is working on her deep, dark tropical tan..:-)

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