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Moving on and cathcing up.

So I will attempt to catch up to today on this post…but that by NO MEANS is saying that I will stay caught up though I will really really try…(edited photos removed)

One of our neighbors has a nice pool and though we don’t get invited much into the pool most summers we were the first ones invited this year. I was a gorgeous day and we had a good time…

So back to the Milwaukee Zoo we go…we go a lot and though I am NOT a Zoo person for some reason this Zoo is not so bad for me. I hate caged animals but I am making a big sacrifice for my children…We went to the Zoo with the Marjuanna, Rebecca and Chris. We had a superb time as we always do when we do things with them. It was members night to see the Shark and Sting Rays. It was a little crowded but not too bad. We also had the opportunity to see the Koala’s which are also visiting the Zoo for the next few months. Members nights are neat because you get to see the animals after hours and it is kind of neat because they act differently later in the day…it was fun…we are register for 4 camps this summer both boys…Spencer will go on his own and Griffin and I will do the mom and tot…learning about animals.

We also have a membership to the John G Shedd Auarium in downtown Chicago. it is always an adventure (and an all day event) doing any of the museums or the Aquarium. Right now the Komoto Dragons are there with all the other slithering slimy things that go with them..skinks and other lizards and a few snakes. Now, most of you know these things do not bother me in the least bit so I guess God knew what he was doing giving me two boys who love the critters…we also saw the dolphin show and it was quite nice. I did have to sit in our seats for nearly 45 minutes so that we could actually sit. The boys enjoyed the nearby things while I waited.

I will end this entry with MEMORIAL DAY. We live in one of those little communities that likes to celebrate…any reason to have a party and a celebration we are the place to be. (Let’s just say that there was a neighborhood collection for the 4th o July fireworks and they have already been purchased and delivered). SO any way it was off to the usual bike parade early in the morning..the children decorate their bikes and ride them down the street to the cheers of the on lookers and blaring American ballads. After the parade we head to our little cul-de-sac and there we continue celebrating with a potluck breakfast…. there are tons of great foods hot and cold and bagels and donuts and smoothies …mmmmm. The rest of the day most of us hang in the hood talking and playing with the kids…this year we went well into the night and decided to light off some of the fireworks..

big mistake…

we have some heavy duty explosives and in no time the County sheriff was at the cul de sac giving us what for and DON”T DO IT AGAIN or I WILL ARREST SOMEONE…so that was the end of that and by midnight the hood was all quiet again…

PS… yes those are matching shirts that the boys and I made together as well as matching visors we also made together…

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