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SOUL OF ADOPTION…then and now

I have to write about this place…it was an inspiration to me to start this blog and so I must write about it here..April 2006 I found this great adoption web site called the Soul of Adoption..it is a place where all sides of the adoption triad can come together and try to make adoption a better thing. Better for everyone, birth mom and dads, adoptees and adoptive parents…..a place to hear and be heard. You could meet anyone from anywhere in any stage of the adoption process there. I was at first a moderator for the Russian and Domestic Adoption boards there. Man was there a lot I did not know or maybe chose to not to listen to. I went there twice a day and took in so much…I met many fascinating people some who I have blogged about…by far the most interesting was Claud…I started out not liking her she was a mom who relinquished a child 18 years ago. She did scare me and she and I have talked about it and why and it has heloed both of us and I am soooo glad to know her. I have linked her blog here before and have rejoiced with her when she met her son Max for the first time after 18 years. Then there is Nicole also a mom who relinquished she is another fabulous woman…I met many many adoptees who talked freely about what they felt like as an adoptee. I met many amoms and adads and lots of great Russian adoptive parents. Life at Soul was great…

Fast forward a week ago, even more…things have been on the fast track to loss…there is no one running the ship the leaders have left a very few to work the place and there is so much arguing and anger that as of today I can not post there anymore and in fact am done. The people who I have come to love are gone or becoming so angry that I can;t not learn from them anymore…I am fast becoming the enemy…not for me…

so I move on…on to IAA and that is another post but I think it is a good place. That is for another post at another time…


3 Responses

  1. That is too bad. It is always sad when a place you come to know and love implodes and becomes a shell of it’s former self.

  2. SOrry it ended like that for you. As you know it did for me as well. Only difference is I never felt comfortable there as I was always the bad man out for being the mother who adopted, have had a wonderful experience and feel adoption was really good for our family and hopefully for our daughter.
    You have a beautiful family and obviously adoption was the key to that as well.l

  3. Kelly it is nice to hear from you…drop me your email!!

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