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…let the craziness begin!! Summer time brings a lot of family time..no school, no required things to do….well maybe not so much…this was the first week of the crazies for us…

Swim lessons began for Spencer Tuesday and continue this week. He loves his instructor and loves the lessons. He is always asking to go first whenever there is a new thing to try. I am glad that he likes it. He has two more sessions later this summer. Griffin and I take this opportunity to play at the sand and water area of the pool. It is fun and Griffin loves to get right in and get dirty…the nicest part is that there is a ‘shower’ at the exit and the water is warm so I can clean him off without screams.

Next week is Vacation Bible School. Griffin is not old enough for it this year. So He and I will be alone for a few hours each morning. We will be at the park or playing cars and generally learning/teaching and loving our time with each other. On Wednesday I will be helping out at Vacation bible school and Griffin will be in the preschool room. Spencer really likes VBS and looks forward to it each year. He has made a lot of friends at Sunday school and wants to see them more then an hour on Sunday!! We have a Zoo camp on Tuesday and that is always fun..this year Griffin and I are doing the mom and tot classes and Spencer is going to the child only classes again. He loves animals and loves learning about them. The hands on is the part he loves the most.

The following week Spencer is at all day YMCA Camp!! 9-3 everyday…it is a nice time for me and it will be better this year then last because Griffin is older and he and I can do thing just the two of us we did not get too much of that yet. It will help us to prepare for next school year when Spencer is gone all day in FIRST GRADE!! Spencer loves YMCA camp…it is nonstop fun all day with playing and swimming and friends..

Finally, at the beginning of July we have a break. But we are off again on zoo camps and then vacation in St. Pete Florida from the 16th to the 24th. I am really looking forward to this though one would wonder why…Debi in Florida in JULY…that is insane..but we will be with about 100 other people all of whom have adopted internationally and about 7 of those families from Russia and of course the family of Hannah, Griffins little girl friend from Glazov. It will be a great time…a pirate cruise is already scheduled and dinner at a Russian restaurant…mmmm pelmini!! SO I will be on the beach for a few days but I am sure enjoying it all…

After the trip we have more busy times…more Zoo camps…play dates…swimming dates, visits with Gran who is staying with us for a week…birthday parties including Spencer’s Medieval Birthday Celebration!!..so Keep you eye open there will be posts and pictures I promise!!


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  1. that is so great that so many people are going on the florida vacation!

    your summer sounds FUN!

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