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About a year ago our social worker from The Cradle our agency, called and asked if we would please talk to a family that was about to get into the process of adopting from Russia. They live about 5 miles away from you still in your town. I of course said great and emailed them right away. We met twice before they made their final trip to pick up their son. They also happen to have a daughter that is exactly 3 months younger then Spencer…it is a good fit.

They are super nice people and their adorable son Peter has been home about 7 months. We have gotten together a few times and the kids seem to really hit it off. They invited us and another Cradle family over for a BBQ on Saturday. It was very nice. The other couple has two sons both from Russia adopted about 3 years apart. The kids really played well together.

It was so nice to see a group of 4 kids from Russia playing together here in the US . SO NORMAL….I wish that the government in Russia could see that, rather then let the children languish in orphanages, they could come here and healthy happy lives. Accreditation is holding so many good families from going to Russia to adopt. I know that the best place for these children is with their natural parent and family the second best if a family in Russia and then finally, here or in some other country. But really, how likely is it that of all the children available for adoption in Russian orphanages right now will be adopted by a Russian National…slim to unlikely unless they are babies or very younger toddlers…I have heard from a friend that a child that she was offered and then was taken away from her was adopted with 2 other five year old boys by a Russian Military couple..they were raising them for military service. Yes, they are five. Yes, they are out of the orphanage but what is their life like?? You can decided ’cause we will never know.

Yes, there are people here who have abused their adoptive children yes, they are getting off with little or no punishment for these actions JUST WRONG…but I am confident that it happens in Russia at a far high rate.

Enough soap box lecturing, you all are the choir I am not telling you anything you don’t already know..


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