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I am reliving a dream….

I am reliving the dream of bringing a child home from Russia…..I have a friend who has had an unspeakably difficult time in the adopting from Russia process…..hard does not cover it…it has tested every fiber of her and her family’s strength and belief in God. They waited and waited for a child to have him taken from them not once but twice…they watched their dream turn nightmare…well, as I mentioned a few posts back they received unbelievable good news when they were not even expecting it…not one but two referrals…both girls both much younger then the previous referrals. They have met them and they are in love with them…they are going back to Russia for court in early July and bringing them home…

how sweet it is…

4 Responses

  1. can you comment on your own blog….YEAH Sybil…I am so glad that you have told everyone…it was hard to keep quiet but I did…I know so many are so happy for you and the family!!!

  2. i haven’t been able to get on my blog most of the day – sorry! hopefully it will be up and running tomorrow.

    thank you for the wonderful blog entry about our family. you are so sweet.

    i think we’re going to come home for the 10 days and then make a third trip. it’s not perfect, but my husband will not fall as far behind at work, and he will save a week’s vacation time.

    g’nite for now.

  3. wow what wonderful news for that couple~I would love to bring another child home fromf Guatemala.

  4. YAY YAY YAY…I am sooo glad that secret is out…how did I NOT read between the lines????!!!! But of course, Votemom, I completey understand…we are soo SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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