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A whole new world…

Anna and Kate as they will be and are known to all of us…my friend Vote and her DH and son are leaving for the third and final trip to pick up their two darling little girls in Moscow. It will be a whole new world for these girls…they have never been in an automobile and have probably never been off orphanage grounds. They Have probable seen very few men and very few unfamiliar faces. It is all changing…they are coming home to the whole new world…

excerpt from my friend Amy’s blog:

Why rewrite what Amy wrote so well…

S and some of her family went to Russia to build a church..and fell in love with 2 little boys Yuri and Sasha. Even though they had almost grown biological children, they decided to adopt these boys. Well, for gut-wrenching years they tried to complete their adoptions. In the midst of it, Yuri was adopted by a Russian family. Then there were problems with Sasha’s adoption, and they lost him too. These wonderful people, dedicated so much of their time, money and love…making it their mission to bring these boys into their family, and it was not meant to be.

Many months passed, and Votemom STILL continued to support and encourage other adoptive families, even through her time of grief, loss and sadness.

And then she got THE CALL…her adoption agency called and said that had not ONE but TWO little girls if they were interested…PRAISE GOD for such a blessing!! In a country that is barely adopting any kiddos out, and almost no girls, they were offered 2 precious angels!! The wonderful news is, they have now traveled two more times to Russia, have met the girls, have been through court, and will be going back to pick their daughters up leaving tomorrow!!!!

I know that this might be no big deal to some, but let me tell you, the thought that not one but two more children do not have to grow up in an Orphanage makes my heart warm and fuzzy and you all know I am not a warm and fuzzy girl!!

Vote and Family…the best from my family to yours may your days be filled with love and laughter.


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  1. I have no idea who this person is or what their story is, but I am so very happy for them. But then, I am warm and fuzzy. LOL

    What are the ages of the girls?

  2. thank you friend. your support and encouragement have meant so much. off we go….

  3. The girls will be just over 18 months when they get home….one blonde one brunette…

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