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Our Vacation in St. Petersburg…

Well, what a wonderful time we had with our friends who have adopted…all together there were 17 families who have adopted Internationally or Domestically. It was beautiful to see the many faces of many nations come together and play, celebrating family. I think that there were about 75 people all together.

The resort was beautiful and very accommodating. Here is the link. We were at the Sandpiper in a 1 bedroom suite on the first floor. It was steps from the pool and a few more from the Gulf. The Gulf was at least 88 degrees everyday and we were unable to avoid enjoying it. We spent 4 nights there. We spent most of our time with other families that adopted from Russia. There was a treasure hunt and a Pirate ship trip and lunch at a local Russian Restaurant. With plenty of time to do things by ourselves. It was wonderful.

This is just a small sample of the 200 plus pictures I took at the hotel. But reall pictures do not say much…it was a nice place and I suggest if you are vacationing in St. Pete you go here it is worth it.

After the days with the group we spent a few days with our friends Amy, Joe and Hannah. Joe and Spencer spent their time catching and releasing newt sized lizards. It was fun to watch what was most entertaining was watching Joe descend on the lizard…I will have to ask Amy for copies of the photos. We also went to Busch Gardens..Amy was able to get us tickets for free..good thing too because it was rainy that day and most of the rides spent the day closed….I would have hated to spend an enormous amount of money for tickets to have it be a bad day like it was. We managed to make a good day of it though. We headed to the beach for the good bye dinner at a place called Caddy’s on the Beach it was a nice way to wrap up the family vacation.

Unfortunately, this is not everyone as some families had left on the day before…but it is a good part of them…There were lots of children and all in the same age range of 2-8!!

We said a sad good bye to Amy, Joe and Hannah and went to my moms. We were glad to slow down a little and relax. We did go out for an air boat ride…it was loud but really exciting too. Griffin slept if you can believe it…not easy to take pictures with those winds…We also enjoy the quiet time at Gran’s but Spencer was excited to chase the Armadillo and look for other critters…We packed up Gran and ourselves and headed home…a day of travel because of layovers but worth every minute of it. Even I tolerated the heat better then expected…

I have to end this entry with a picture of our beautiful children from GLAZOV…the real beauty to the trip watching the children home from orphanages and baby homes and foster care enjoy the water…something they may have never been able to do if not for adoption.

you can also see many more pictures at Amy’s blog

Deleted pictures…08-08-07


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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Hannah and Grif look like a cute couple.LOL

  2. What a great trip. It is such a gift to give our children a piece of there culture by spending time with other childeren from their countries and dother adults who appreciate the culture.

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