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Birthdays….six so far…

Today is the day Spencer turns 6!! We have had a laid back day. Griffin had gymnastics this morning and then our friend Cole came with Mrs. Kirby and Kate for a play date…later Mrs. Marjuanna and Rebecca stopped by. We sang happy birthday and had some cake. Spencer also opened gifts from Griffin and Daddy. Daddy gave him the seventh Harry Potter book and Griffin gave him playmobil soccer and magnetic put together guys kinda like magnitic guys….hard to explain. I am giving him a MP3 player but it has yet to arrive. (No, I am not crazy, it is a cheap version, not an I-pod!!) I will give it to him at his party. Which is yet to be planned…UGH…my bad. Anyway, we are getting ready to leave to have dinner with my mom and my Uncle for Spencer’s birthday… Spencer picked fish so I guess Red Lobster wins…I was kind of hoping we could go to a place that was NOT a chain or if it was a chain it was a nicer chain…..but whatever…not my birthday…so later I will have pictures to post and more about this day and some reflections when the boys are not running around and distracting me…


3 Responses

  1. spencer – happy birthday!

    debi – your little man is growing up!!

    the best is yet to come!

  2. Hope you had a great day, Spence!

  3. i think it would be great to have a girls’ weekend some time! won’t be a while tho…. but, one day.

    thanks for the kind words today. we all need all the encouragement and validation from each other that we can get!

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