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POTTY time…and an Update

I know I promised more about the party and pictures…but this trumps that.

Griffin is making great strides at potty training. A little history here…or there as the case may be….

In the baby homes of Russia, it is very common for the children to be ‘potty trained’ at a very very early age. Not in the sense that we think but in the sense that the staff and children all know the times to go. Fluids are limited and toileting is done after drinking….like we can all pee immediately after drinking…I digress…one of my favorite things at the orphanage was to see all the kids sitting on pots (literally) and going potty after a meal. I was amazed that most of them did indeed go, trained? They looked so cute sitting there and I can still see them all….(those who have gone know exactly what I am talking about). We decided that when we came home with Griffin that we would not push this issue. I wanted him to know he could have water anytime he wanted and that it was a good thing for him not something to be restricted. This was our choice some moms and dads keep up the ‘training’.

So around rolls the dreaded two and a half age…the magic age to train the kids…it worked with Spencer and my niece Hailey too. So we started. We were getting no where fast…then that something clicked and today…at the zoo…he decided that he would say…daddy I have to go to the potty!! For the record, every time that he has said it he has gone. Then this evening he was playing and went running to daddy…I have to go potty….he is so proud of himself. He calls himself a BIG boy and can’t wait to ‘see the yellow and flush’ and wash…errrr…play… errrr, wash his hands…mommy and daddy and big brother are really proud of him…we know that this could be a fluke but hey reason to celebrate…we know he knows what it feels like.

OK more later about the birthday and the zoo today and OH yeah…Griffin is sleeping in a BIG BOY bed!!! Life is moving at warp speed for us right now.

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE…Griffin has done all his ‘business’ on the toilet since last night including a poop at the Doctors office today…he has been telling me that he has to go!!!

4 Responses

  1. wow – this has been a big month for your little man.

    hooray for going potty! i do hate this stage when it comes to public restrooms, however.

  2. I think I secretly hate you a little.

  3. Oh Elle…it is only 24 hours…and BTW he peed in his pull up at nap time…but did pee in the toilet once awake…hmmm might be a lot tougher at nap time

  4. hahahhaaaa!!!!! i love LOVE that picture of the potty wrangler!!! especially weilding the wire whisk!

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