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If you have looked at one picture of me on this blog you will have noted that I have (had) two predominate moles on my face one on my nose one next to my nose. Today was the day I had them removed. My mom has been ‘on’ me for a long long long time to have them removed…in fact even before my father died . You see my father had mole on his chest that was found to be a melanoma, the most serious form of the skin cancers. That was over 30 years ago now, but after about 20,22 years, it returned and took his life at the age of 65 that was July 1999.

SOOOO… I took the leap and went to the Doctor..he was a nice man and certainly was gentle and understanding. I was and am, very self conscious of my psoriasis a disease I do not wish on my worse enemy, there I sat in my skivvies have my entire body checked having each freckle and mole examined. I felt good about what was taking place, the mole checking…it was kind of an ‘in my dad’s honor’ thing that I have them looked and take care of myself, but at the same time I wish I could have done it fully clothed. I was issued a clean bill of health as far as my moles and freckles go. Whew..can go back in a year or so… double whew… on to the removal…

My loving SIL wants to see pictures but I will not gore you all out..(it is the nurse in her so forgive her) suffice it to say that after injecting each mole with a needle full of a numbing agent he very delicately sliced around and then through the mole snipping with a scissor any thing left that was not completely leaving the area where was flat. That is the cleaned up version…this is what I felt…a terrible burning and stinging with the numbing agent, which he had to use a lot of because I have a terribly HIGH threshold to those types of things…just ask my dentist…then I felt and heard the knife doing it’s work. It was removed and placed in a jar for testing. On to number two…it was exactly the same as number one only now I am sweating and need a shower. SO it is done my little flaps of skin are on their merry way to be tested for cancer cells, though Dr. highly doubts there is anything wrong with them.

After being home for nearly 3 hours and the numbness completely gone I can tell you that the burning is still there and that the memory of the cutting is still there and I am sporting two very unattractive bandages…I am thinking about switching to Backyardigans ones for tomorrow. As for Debbie…I will email you pictures of the gore…for the rest of you I will post more when or as they heal…but right now you DON’T want to see this.


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  1. good for you – it’s done. usually the anticipation of such things is worse than the execution.

    how long will it take to heal?

  2. Debbie, best of luck with your recovery. I’ve had a couple of moles removed (a couple to be tested and a couple that were in bad locations). Take care!

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