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First day 1st Grade…


Well, it was the first day of school this year but it was a half day…tomorrow is the first full day..but to Spencer it was his first day…

The morning went off without a hitch…he was up and ready to go he picked a nice outfit for his first day, I was proud.

We always take the first day of school picture in front of the door…I love looking at how much he has grown.Here is first day of Kindergarten..just a slight height difference…

A few days before school was to begin we found out that Spencer had another Spencer in his class….she is a girl….yes, a girl….named Spencer….So that is how our year has begun…Spencer is really excited for school…I hope always carries that excitement for learning.


4 Responses

  1. You can definitely see the height difference.:)

    Also, don’t you hate it when you think you are picking out a semi-unique name and then all of a sudden it gets popular? Happened with both “Wyatt” and “Henry”. No others have shown up in their classes, though. How does Spence feel about a girl having his name?

  2. he had to decide if he was going to be Spence or Spencer…he is Spence..the whole thing is just really strange…everyone who hears it and then hears that it is a girl…just go OOOOK

    Spencer thinks it is really weird.

  3. hmmm – that’s a new girl name for me.

    your little man looks adorable…

    and i really like the color of your front door.

  4. Oh my gosh from a boy to a man in one year!!!! He looks soo handsome..please tell him I said so…Hannah will LOVE seeing him too! And a cool outfit he picked out too!!
    Spender…a girl’s name..that’s different..but better than the twins I took care of at the local Children’t Hospitle named Falacio and Falacia (yep..Fuh-lay-she-o!) CAN YOU IMAGINE?????)

    I am with VM..love the door..I was trying to peek in through the windows to see if the inside is as cool as the door! :9)

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