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So Spencer left on the bus at about 8:40 this morning and we did not see him again until 4:40 this afternoon…that is one really long day for any 6 year old….he came home looking tired but still full of energy. He raced home and did the usual and then out to play.

When he finally came in we talked about the day…he really likes his teacher and at the moment is happy that he will have her again next year (she is a looping teacher and he is looping)…yeah…he has made some new friends and has some old ones too…yeah…he gets his own desk and he likes that …yeah…contrary to day one, he does not have to sit in the desk all day…yeah…he had PE today and got to wear his spider man shoes (that mommy will NOT let him wear to school every day, I do have some dress code)…yeah…he had library today but no books yet…awww…he loved recess and lunch…yeah…he ate all his food…yeah…he bought a chocolate milk…yeah…tomorrow he wants to have hot lunch Pizzeria Uno Cheese Pizza…yeah…he brought home his first first grade paper and it looked great…yeah…he is excited to go back tomorrow…yeah…mommy is so very proud of him and he knows it…yeah…

This busing thing…our school district is huge, we have 7000 students in K-8…that is divided into 4 schools. So while Woodland is noted and has been recipient of many awards for their busing system…it takes time to get it flowing right. It will take about a week and it will work like clock work. For now we struggle through hoping that it may not take a week but fully preparing for it. If all goes well he should be picked up for school at 8:26 and be dropped off at 3:59. That is the goal…

Now for looping for those who are not familiar with it. Spencer will be with the same children and teacher this year and next year. This is good for him on many levels…one being that he is such a young student. He has problems at the beginning of the year with the change in routine…each teacher runs their rooms differently…this will not occur for him as he will now know what to expect and have NO change in routine. He will be able to bond with the same kids for two years in a row and then once they move there is a good chance that he will loop with them again in future years. If you are really interested in looping and multi aged classrooms google it there is a lot of information out there supporting it. Trust me it is a good move for most kids.

4 Responses

  1. Looping sounds like a great idea and the best way to go through a school that large with kids that young. Stability is a good thing to have at that age.

    Glad Spence survived the first day. He;ll probably sleep great tonight.

  2. It is funny he came home with his traveling folder and it said SPENCE…no R..I guess ‘she’ gets the R..

    I think that if he does not sleep good tonight I will strangle him.

    I totally agree with you about the school size and age and that is another reason I liked the idea of looping.

  3. it would be really cute if Spence and Spencer ended up having a little sweet crush on each other!

    i loved hearing about his first day…. such sweet times momma!!

  4. Yeah!

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