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Ya know I love my kid….but toady he had issues on the bus coming home. Seems that he and his buddy were goofing around a lot and changing seats. The bus driver warned him and warned him and then finally he moved Spencer to the front seat. He pulled me on the bus at the end of the ride to talk and Spencer was grounded to the house after school…no TV only books or building with Lego’s. He was not happy but those are the consequences now aren’t they.

Last year he was a model bus rider he and this same friend pretended to play Star Wars and there were no problems. I don’t know where this came from but it is stopping now or he will walk home. This morning he even said that he and this boy and Spencer’s little girl friend were going to play Harry Potter…I thought it sounded perfect…he said they did not play it and that is where the problems began…

More on Tuesday we will see how the ride home goes on Tuesday.


3 Responses

  1. no comment on the bus behavior, but just had to say that i absolutely LOVE the pic of your boys that you have on the right side of your blog. please leave it up for a while for me to enjoy!

    p.s. just one comment: way to go Mom on being on top of the behavior things and staying consistent. it sure pays off later.

  2. It’s probably only beginning of the year excitement. After the punishment today, he’ll probably be better next week.

  3. Debbie- I sure hope so…I am not putting up with this…I told him he would have to walk home and I can do that because he wont have to cross one single street…

    votemom of course I will leave it up for a few more days…I wont have pictures till the end of this week anyway. Thanks for the kudos

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