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Another cool cool site to check out…

Go here and check out this woman’s macro photography ability you will be amazed…I know I was…and OH yeah….it is bugs…insects…….but not gross certainly beautiful if you ask me. Photographers will love it. Her eye is really good….and it lets you and I a little closer to the bug and insect world to see how beautiful even the deadliest and hurtful critters can be.


Griffin’s first day of pre-pre- school.

PICS removed.
We talked long and hard about sending him to school…coming home almost 2 years ago (I know really hard to believe) we think he is ready. His speech has improved ten fold and he is very confident in himself now. We decided that it will be nothing but a positive thing for him. He will get to play with kids his age twice a week for two hours and hear them talking and learn from them…

Today was his first day and I was assigned to be helper….it was good…he played mostly without me even near him and was happy to talk to his teacher over me. We will see on Thursday…that is his first full day and with out mom…

Right now and probably for the next few weeks…

I HATE MY NEIGHBORHOOD…I mean H.A.T.E. it… We have been compared to Wisteria Lane and Stepford…of which we are like neither..but we are closer then a lot of neighbors and I like that sense of community and safety that we look out for watch other. If someone is out of town the garbage is taken out for them and the paper and mail is collected. We watch each others children when we are outside and keep moms and dads in the loop if something is going on. If a box is delivered when someone is out of town one of us brings it in. We shovel for each other in the winter and lend snowblowers to each other. It is a good place to live….

For me and mine right now…we would like to live somewhere else…

We have a neighbor who has a pool…they are usually in the pool themselves and not very often do they invite others over….but there are occasions when they do and that is always fun. The others of us always tease about being invited to the “C’s” country club..usually it is never more then one family invited at a time. There are a few children in the neighborhood that will stand at the fence to the C’s country club and almost beg to be invited…I DO NOT allow Spencer to do that ever…it is rude and desperate. Now, let me clarify right now that I in no way think my child should be invited to everything all the time. There are times and places for friends to get together and that is good for me. I don’t expect if some of the others in the neighborhood go out together that I should be invited…..but I digress..today was a lazier day…we had gone biking at Independence Grove, well the boys biked I read a magazine…we went to lunch and home…Griffin went down for a nap and some of the children were outside playing. We started to work on the turrets for the birthday party painting and such. Spencer was playing in the front yard with some of the older boys and his friend in his grade. C’s boy was playing across the street with another boys and invited him LOUDLY into the pool. I told Spencer and his friend that I would get the sprinkler out and the slip and slide they were excited. His friend went home to ask and Spencer got ready. Well, while he was doing that his friend was at home being told that he could play for a half hour with Spencer but then he was invited to the C’s pool. That would have been OK with Spencer but the dad did not stick to his rule and let the friend go straight to the pool…Spencer was sooo hurt..no friends, no one likes him the whole thing…you moms know how it goes…the pain the crying…so now for the full effect…every child that was playing outside is now in the pool EXCEPT SPENCER…he is crushed…how does a mom handle this…I felt so awful my stomach was in knots.

I thought that most of these people were true friends…how and why would a friend treat another friends child with such disrespect. There will be a million and one excuses I will have to hear them all including the well he can’t always be invited…it is just so hard to be friends after something like this happens. Spencer was so hurt and there was NOTHING that I could do NOTHING… and of course if they came over right now and asked him in he would be livid with me because I would have to say no…then I am the bad guy and I so would rather be the bad guy over him feeling like he does no friends no one likes him…and all that…literally MY HEART WAS BREAKING right with his… as a mom all I wanted to do was make it better and all I could do was cry along with him.

Richard says I am too invested in this…that yes, he is angry too, there is nothing we can do. I said we can do what we can do to protect him form this happening again. I know I can’t protect him from it all but this was a tough one for him and for me. I think we are going to really pull back from the hood for awhile…we are going to change scout troops so that Spencer is not with his friend from here…we are going to do more play dates with him inviting friends from school and other activities he is involved in. Things will change…we will be involved in this neighborhood but not like we were this was a big disappointment for us all. What is disappointing mostly for me now is that I have to really think hard about the friendships that I thought I had here…re-evaluate…time will tell…