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Family Day 2007

We have been thinking long about when our family day would be….those of you who have not adopted probably do get the significance of this but it really is a heart felt feeling that most of us aparents have… to celebrate family. For us family day was always the 9th day after Spencer was born …it was the day he came home…then Griffin came along….OK simple enough…whoops he came home on CHRISTMAS EVE!! Celebration already happening!! OK….we really want to celebrate our family…just us…every year….we decided that the day the family began for us was the day we were married….for nearly 15 years Richard and I were the family…we had each other through it all…and while we still do we also have these two wonderful beings that are part of the family that we started 21 years ago October 11th, 1986..(yikes!).

This year being the official first year to do the celebrations we went to Green Meadows farm in Waterford Wisconsin. It is a great place for a family to experience the animals of a farm….learning proper handling and care for each one, talk about how they each live and contribute to the food chain, it was educational but those boys don’t know what hit them. They loved every minute of it….after that we hit Mc Donalds (guess whose choice that was…that Richard! wink wink) A relatively quiet drive home on the back roads gave us time to enjoy the colors of fall from our air conditioned car! Yes, it was in the mid 80’s and 70 % humidity.

Here are some more shots from the day…and no I am not in any of them again!!

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  1. that’s a terrific idea – for FamilyDay to be on your anniversay. a good solution!

    our FamilyDay will be the day we came home and all 7 of us were together for the VeryFirstTime…. 7/21.

    i love the photos – just beautiful!

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