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Love that lasts a life time….

For those who don’t already know it…it is Richard and my 21st anniversary….we have known each other for 23 years and we met in college….Eastern Illinois University to be exact. He was on his was to being a professional student with 5 majors and I was studying to be a special education teacher trying to get out as fast as I could…no two more opposites huh? Well, opposites did attract and we are now a complete family of four. Time has flown by especially these past 7 years….flown…looking back on all the years that it was just Richard and I (15 years) I am happy that I had that time but now and just as happy to have that time gone and have this time…time with Richard , time with the boys…time as a family. 15 years is a long time to be together and want to have a family not knowing if it would ever happen. I am proud to be Richard’s wife and to have been with him in this day in age when there is still so much divorce talk for so long. I know that it is a love that will last a life time……

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  1. Happy Anniversary Debi and Richard!
    You guys make such a wondderful couple…it is so great to see a great marriage as stronger as ever after 21yrs!! Sad that we don’t see that much anymore..

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