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National Adoption Awareness month is coming…

In about 15 days November will be upon us. Most of us think about the cooler days and nights of fall being upon us…planning and attending Thanksgiving celebrations and of course beginning the mad rush for the holiday season…there are many things to do to plan to attend and so many gifts to be bought. This year I would like to give each person who reads here a small gift..the gift of knowledge where adoption and adoption reform is concerned. If this is new to you ….both of my boys came to us through adoption. One through a Domestic adoption and one though International. I am also a sister through adoption…my brother was adopted. Adoption has a big place in my heart. That is why I stand here on this soap box.

Adoption…there are so many children in need of homes…right here in the USA…there are women giving birth who need the adoption community they need this community not just for placement but for non-placement as well. There are children all over the world languishing in Orphanages…and I do mean languishing…desperate to be part of a family. Adoptees in most states are not permitted to have or view their original birth certificates, most states give ‘amended’ certificates, there are laws pending that make it ILLEGAL for adoptees to get their original birth certificate.to deny many moms who relinquished DO want contact with their child, many adoptive parents and FOR open adoption. Read here for yourself. See what some adoptees are saying and fighting for.

Google: Open adoption read up and see what you can learn…Google: coercion and adoption and see what you find..I will tell you it is not pleasant. But mostly what I hope that you will do one thing and that is learn one small tidbit about adoption and remember it…whether it be about an adoptee or a first mom or an adoptive parent…and by all means if you know someone who is an adoptee or first mom…hug them sometime this month for no reason…don’t tell them why you did, just do it. Really, if you want to do something, involve yourself in some form or adoption reform. I do everyday…I am making this place better for my two ‘little adoptees’ and for girls who, like their first moms give birth and need guidance…make a stop here
read a little bit of this

The picture on my side bar should remind you everytime you come here in the month that follows….adoption and reform can go hand in hand…I am going purple like Elle said…read her blog about it…

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