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Hob Goblin…..

it is upon us again….

Every fall in our little ten home neighborhood we have a tradition of playing Hob-Goblin…

It is a fun ding dong run game that is enjoyed by everyone. Each family has a different night…the family gets together some sort of treat (usually candy) together and on their night go from house to house leaving the treat on each doorstep ringing the bell and trying like the dickens not to get caught.

Last night we began this years festivities…we loaded orange lunch bags with chocolate and candy and a little raffia gathered the top and made the bags into little pumpkins by twisting floral tape around the stem (thanks to Martha). I try to do something a little bit creative…sometimes it is the only creativeness I get for months… The boys ran from house to house trying to not get caught…they were successful at about half the houses…

what was the best part of this year was Griffin…he followed Spencer to the tee…Spencer put his bag down so did Griffin Spencer rang the door bell and then they took off…if Spencer crawled in from of the bushes to did Griffin…it was so cool to watch him follow his big brother…I was so happy that HE GOT IT…he really understood what we were doing and why…

so now we lay in wait for the next family to go and to bring our treats… out the door my boys will run trying to catch that elusive Hob-Goblin…

You guys should try to get something going with your friends…it is a blast…

2 Responses

  1. what fun!

    we have done this over the years… not organized by the neighborhood, just on our own to various friends’ homes. the kids absolutely love sneaking around in the dark and hatching their plan to ring the bell and escape into the night.

    i’d forgotten about it this year – thanks for the reminder. i think i will plan to take R out with his buddy who lives the next block over.

  2. ok i bought the candy and bags. so we’ll be doing that one night this week. thanks again for the memory jog. (ugh, i need LOTS of memory jogs lately!)

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